5 Best Apps for Learning Guitar For Android

With the development of technology, people can learn new things without having to leave their houses. One of the new methods that people can use these days is learning to play the guitar from an online app. So, without having to hire a teacher people can learn to play the guitar on their own. What are the best apps for learning guitar that you should download and have?

Even though it seems impossible and hard people can learn from an app. The apps will be completed with manual instructions that are detailed and complete. So, even if you are a newbie you can still learn from an app. To make sure you get the best lesson, download these best apps for learning guitar:

1. Real Guitar

Real Guitar

Want to play on a real guitar but don’t have one yet? If so, then use the Real Guitar app as a training session before you buy a real one. This is a simulator of an acoustic and electric guitar that can work just like a real one. However, rather than playing the instrument, you will be playing it on your phone.

With this app, you can learn the keys on a guitar and even the tracks of a song. Therefore, when you buy a real guitar, you are ready to play and know all the notes. So, this is one of the best apps for learning guitar that you should download.

2. GuitarTuna


Many people know the guitar as one equipment; however, the guitar comes in many kinds of categories. And if you are willing to learn about them, then you should download GuitarTuna. This app can handle many kinds of guitars from bass, ukulele to banjo, and other string instruments. Therefore, you can practice more than one piece of equipment with this app.

For beginners, you can learn the notes and the sound of it using this app. It also teaches the basic note on each piece of equipment for people to learn. Once you know them all, you can start learning and play songs with the notes.

3. Yousician


One of the best apps for learning guitar that you can also consider is Yousician. This app comes with more than 1,500 exercises that can train you from the most basic lessons. There are also games on apps that are related to a guitar lesson, so your learning will be more fun. However, to enjoy all the features on this app, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $20/ month.

4. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar

The best app for learning and playing at the same time is the ultimate Guitar. They say, learning by doing is the best practice for people and that is what they apply in this app. So, people can learn the notes and learn how to play the guitar at once.

5. Guitar Jam Tracks

Guitar Jam Tracks

An app that is available in both Android and iOS is the Guitar Jam Tracks. This app will basically teach people how to play the guitar and show the picture of the notes. They also have lessons on how to play music for solo or for two. So, if you are planning for two, you should download this app for sure.

You can them from free drivers and software for the listed apps above. This website provides many kinds of software and some of the best apps for learning guitar. So, check them out and download them on your phone to learn.