5 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

The Digital era offers a new way to read books. Without the need of bringing printed books everywhere you go, eBook reader apps allow you to enjoy favorite books right from mobile devices. It’s simple, practical, and cheaper!

With eBook readers, you can search for a book, download thousands of free books, and take the books on the go. Find references for the best eBook reader apps below!

Most Recommended eBook Reader Apps for Android

If you are using an Android phone or tablet, there are myriad choices of eBook readers to install for your device. We have compiled the best apps to give you engaging experience of reading books. Take a closer look at the following list!

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Let’s begin with Amazon Kindle that becomes one of the most popular eBook readers throughout the world. This app provides you with an extended selection of magazines, newspapers, and books. Despite it comes bundled with Amazon Kindle Fire, it works well on Android devices.

Kindle lets you sync the last page you read, notes, bookmarks and highlights across all devices. That means you don’t need to worry when using different devices to read the books. Interestingly, Kindle also comes with a built-in dictionary and access to Wikipedia as well as Google search.

2. Libera


Libera is a great option if you want to read eBook with a wide range of formats, such as PDF, TXT, RTF, MOBI, and much more. It comes with a lightweight download size so it won’t consume your phone resources. It also boasts an intuitive and clean interface for the best reading experience.

This app features bookmarks and dictionaries that allow you to search unknown words right the app. With night mode, it lets you read books in a low-light environment conveniently. It also provides various reading settings like white spacing cropping, customized background and fonts, and page splitting.

3. Aldiko


This is a great alternative to popular eBook reader apps. Despite it only supports ePub and PDF formats, Aldiko boasts convenience read and download millions of eBooks. Using this app, you can customize reading experience by adjusting font type and size, background color, and alignment.

Additionally, Aldiko comes with a user-friendly interface that works well for phone and tablet. Featuring advanced library management, it allows you to import eBooks into the app and keep your memory free. Overall, this is a cool eBook reader app to take your favorite book on the go.

4. FBReader


One of favorite eBook reader apps among bookworms is FBReader. This app is highly customizable and supports a wide range of formats, including ePub, MOBI, RTF, doc, and many more. It highlights cloud synchronization that lets you sync bookmarks, library, and reading position across all devices.

To upgrade your book reading experience, FBReader allows you to adjust backgrounds, font types, and screen brightness. The support for browser and downloader enables you to access different eBook stores and catalogs with multiple language libraries, such as Polish, Chinese, and Russian.

5. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader

As you can read on Android Ally, the fully-featured eBook reader app comes to satisfy your book cravings. It offers powerful controls that allow you to read thousands of book collections for free. It also supports an extended range of popular eBook formats like ePub, PDF, MOBI, TXT HTML, and much more.

For your convenience, Moon+ Reader offers various types of paging with more than 10 built-in themes. It also enables you to adjust brightness, customize scroll modes, and choose a long-time reading option to keep your eyes healthy. This app supports dual page mode with four screen orientations.

With eBook readers, enjoying your favorite books becomes much easier. The ability to store hundreds to thousands of books means you can read different books for the rest of your life. Have you made a decision for the best eBook reader apps to install?