How To Enable Reddit Dark Mode

How To Enable Reddit Dark Mode

If you love to seek information or read an online article, you must be familiar with Reddit. It is a place where you can find many contents based on people’s interests. You can also be a part of the community and give a vote for the content you read. Thus, you won’t find any useless reading material or improper group discussion. Considering you would spend a lot of time there, we recommend you to set the dark mode. Here you can find how to enable Reddit dark mode for your screen.

One thing you should know is that actually dark mode is good for your eyes. Moreover, when you browse Reddit at night in your bedroom. The dark mode is great for the low-light environment, so you can improve your reading productivity. The dark background is less disturbing. On the other hand, dark mode relates to your health. It reduces radiation to your eyes. So, it is time for you to change the screen by following steps on how to enable Reddit dark mode below:

How To Enable Reddit Dark Mode That Good For Your Eyes

1. Enter to Reddit

Reddit could be accessed through a website or smartphone app. The app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Thus, make sure which Reddit you want to change. If you used to be an app visitor, then, open the app now. But, if reading with a larger screen is more comfortable, so come into the Reddit website.

2. Go to Your Profile

Click your avatar to enter your profile. If you haven’t set your picture yet, you will find the Reddit symbol once you enter the homepage. It is placed in the top-left corner. Click or tap it, then there is a drop-down menu that appears. You can see many settings there, including to change the display mode. That is for the website, while you access from the app, you should tap the “Settings” button.

3. Change the Settings

Change Reddit Setting to Dark Mode

We will tell you about the change through the website first. For those who already opened the site and the drop-down menu, find the “View Options” setting. There is a “Night Mode” setting, then tap it, so the dark mode will be enabled. While if you want to change via the Reddit app, you can click the moon icon at the bottom of the menu. Or, if you find the setting “Reddit Night”, you can also change through it. For the iOS user, there is an Auto Night Theme setting which automatically switches on the night mode in the evening.

4. Exit the Settings

Now your Reddit view is already using the dark mode. Since you change the settings, even though you exit from Reddit, it will keep the change. So, when you enter Reddit again with the same account, the dark mode will appear on your screen. It is also applied to the app. Once you finish surfing or spending a lot of discussions, you can just leave the app. Your app will keep the dark mode once you reopen the app.

5. Recheck to Ensure

You might be in doubt whether Reddit will keep the settings or not. Well, to ensure it, you can recheck by exit the Reddit and then enter again. Just prove that Reddit will keep the settings for you. Once it appears as you set, then enjoy the convenience there.

It is very easy to follow how to enable Reddit dark mode above. As your additional information, dark mode is now becoming a trend. That is why Reddit improved their design by making the dark one.