How To Overclock RAM That You Need To Know

Overclock RAM

Overclock RAM

If you want to make your computer works better, then you need to overclock your RAM. Overlocking RAM has some advantages such as overcoming slow system memory and balanced PC. Optimizing RAM is one thing that computer users cannot deny. Thus, they need to know how to overclock RAM.

If you don’t run a complex application, overclocking RAM is no need. Those applications are like 3D imaging and video editing. However, if you run such an application, this may need an overclocking RAM. It is to improve computer performance.

How To Overclock RAM

There are some steps to do as follow.

  • Run BIOS



The first step to do is run BIOS by heading toward the DRAM settings. However, BIOS is not appropriate for some, but for overclocking RAM, it’s the best. Thus, for overclocking we can use BIOS.

If you are a game player, optimizing RAM is your need. Despite thinking that BIOS doesn’t work for it while it does.

  • Click “DRAM Frequency”

After running the BIOS, then we need to click on “DRAM Frequency”. In this way, the users need to be careful. Moreover, by clicking the DRAM frequency, the RAM will work better than before. It’s because of the DRAM frequency goal to optimize the RAM works.

DRAM frequency is in modern EFI BIOS utility options screen. Thus, you can find the menu there, in the EFI VIOS Utility – Advanced dialog.

  • Select “DRAM Timing Mode”

The next step is selecting DRAM Timing. Keep in mind that by selecting this option, you need to make sure one thing. That thing is the selected option must be to the option “Link.” Therefore, this step you need to pay more attention to make sure.

Why is it “link”? It’s because to make sure that the DRAM Timing Mode connected your desire place for overclocking. Thus, for overclocking, need to select “Link” in “DRAM Timing Mode”.

  • Enter Timing And Frequency Combinations

Another way how to overclock RAM is by entering timing and frequency combination. Make sure that entering them for each of the stick. Moreover, first what you have to do is enter into the Advanced DRAM Configuration. After that, enter the timing and frequency combinations.

In addition, while entering the configuration, make sure not to mess up with others. Those are other options except tCL, tRCD, tRP, and tRAS.

  • Save Changes And Restart

The last step to do after all of the steps above is saving the changes. However, make sure if what you do is right from the first step to the end. After that, you can click on the save button. Then, you can restart the computer to make it refresh.

If after rebooting, the system turns ON, then congratulation. You have done all the steps perfectly. Thus, you are successful in overclocking for RAM. Now your computer is ready to use and has already optimized.

Those are a brief explanation about how to overclock RAM. Those five easy simple steps you can apply to your computer. Moreover, if you use more complex applications. This overclocking really need you a try. By optimizing your RAM, your computer won’t work slow anymore.