Steps On How To Use Bluestacks On PC

How To Use Bluestacks On PC

Using a handphone is great and fun. But sometimes people might be tired of using the small screen. Moreover, they want to use the Android app on the computer or PC. Some of the apps might be able to download in the PC version, however, it is not as complete as the original one. And not all apps are available on PC. As a solution, people could use an emulator, Bluestacks, to use the Android apps on PC. The steps on how to work Bluestacks on PC.

With using Bluestacks, people would easily be able to use their Android app and even the Android system on PC. People would need to use an emulator to be able to run Android on PC. It is a great solution for people to use the smartphone in a comfortable way. Moreover, the emulator allows people to use the apps completely just like on the smartphone. To get ready, here are the steps on how to work Bluestacks on PC.

1. Download and Install the App on PC

The first step to use the emulator is to download Bluestacks. After that, people could easily get it from the official website. They could download the app from the web and it is totally free. Once the app is downloaded on the PC, they should then install the app. Do not leave while installing because people would need to do some acceptance. After installing, it is then ready to enter the next step.

2. Setting Up the Device

After finishing downloading and installing Bluestacks on the PC, people then could enter the next step. The next step on how to work Bluestacks on PC is to get the Google Play on Bluestacks. People could get it from downloading from the emulator. It is important for people to get this app on the first move. After that, remember to log in to Google Play with the same account on the handphone.

3. Download the Apps

Google Play

After finishing logging into Google Play, people could download the apps that they want. The apps could be any apps that they usually use on their smartphone. The app would be downloaded and could be only used when opening the emulator system.

4. Sync the Smartphone on the PC

However, there is another way on how to work Bluestacks on PC. Rather than downloading manual apps that we want, people could auto-sync their handphone to the PC. After the installation of Google Play, people should download the Bluestacks cloud connect free companion App. After opening the app, people would have to sync both devices with entering the PIN.

5. Use the Apps

Whatever the choice that people choose, it has each benefit. Once the app is already downloaded on to the Bluestacks, they are ready to use the app on PC. Moreover, they could use the app without any limitation, just like on the smartphone.

The steps on how to work Bluestacks on PC is easy and fast. Moreover, people could choose whether to download only several apps to the PC. Or to completely sync the handphone into the PC. Also, you don’t have to be afraid of is Bluestacks safe or not. Because this application is guaranteed safe.