HP Deskjet 2130 All-In-One Printer Review

When hunting a printer, various options available on the market make it possible for you to opt for a printer which is suitable for you based on your own specific needs. If you think that you just need the one as your PC companion, HP Deskjet 2130 is an all-in-one printer that performs three basic functions including print, copy, and scan, which is tagged at a low price. So far, can be one of the cheapest multifunction printers we have reviewed on our website.

HP Deskjet 2130

HP Deskjet 2130

You may have some basic questions about what a low-priced printer can do for you. Well, of course, when compared to the other models that we have reviewed, this printer does not offer much. However, it does not mean that this printer is the lowest in all aspects. This model has strengths that you can rely on though there are some “missing” features it has. For sure, it is reasonable as the compensation of the low price offered.

HP Deskjet 2130 Design

HP Deskjet 2130 measures 10.9 x 16.8 x 21.5 inches (HWD) and can be categorized as the compact one. It does not require much space to be placed on your desk. The input tray is located on the back part of the printer. You can pull it out when you need to load the papers to print and copy. This is a pull-out tray so that you do not need to extend it when not used. The input tray can hold up to 60 sheets of paper only. Indeed, the capacity is low enough especially when you compare to the others we have reviewed. However, it is not a big problem especially for you who do not really need to work with lots of documents to print and copy at one time. The output tray is in front of the printer body. The swing-out output tray has the capacity of 25 sheets paper at one time. When not used, you can simply fold it up.

HP Deskjet 2130 Rear Side

HP Deskjet 2130 Rear Side

The flatbed scanner is located on top of the body that you can simply open when you need to scan a document. Besides the flatbed, there are control buttons to power it up and do the basic commands when of copying and scanning. Those are not as fancy as the others have, but those are more than enough to make the printer useful.

There is no LCD display touch screen available on this model. In addition, the USB port is the only thing it has to get connected to the “other world”. Yes, you can only operate HP Deskjet 2130 by connecting it to your PC.  It has no wireless connection ability. In simplest words, you will need to turn on two different machines, your PC and the printer, when you need to print some documents which must be stored in your PC and to store the result of the scanning tasks.

HP Deskjet 2130 Functions and Features

While other MFPs may have the built-in fax, Deskjet 2130 is not equipped with that one. Practically, this printer can only do three jobs, as stated above: print, scan, and copy. However, those can be sufficient when you are not the one who does fax frequently.

As also stated previously, the printer only has a USB port to be connected to the PC and this is it. There is no wireless connection available for this model so that you cannot expect some sophisticated things like printing directly from your mobile devices or to make use of Wi-Fi to operate it from shared-network. Simply, this will be the true companion for your PC.

When you want a printer that can automatically do two-sided copy, HP Deskjet 2130 should be the one to forget. You surely need to do everything manually when it comes to two-sided pages copying tasks. It also applies to the document feeder. There is no ADF that enables you to work with multiple documents to copy at one time.

HP Deskjet 2130 Speed and Quality

When it comes to the speed, HP Deskjet 2130 has a relatively good performance. For printing in black, this compact printer can perform up tup 7.5 papers per minute. This is good enough for a low-priced MFP actually. To print colored materials, including graphics and text mixed, this can give you up to 5.5 papers per minute.

HP Deskjet 2130 Ink

HP Deskjet 2130 Ink

Coming to the copy speed, Deskjet 2130 is also fairly good. To copy in black, you will get up to 4.5 copies per minute, while in color this can produce 3 copies per minute. In short, this machine will not waste your time to wait for completed print and copy tasks. Again, this is best used for light-duty use on your daily basis.

For the print quality, HP Deskjet 2130 gives you a fairly high one especially when you work in black print tasks. The color print is good enough even though it is not the one we recommend for high-quality image results. In addition, the copy quality does not look awesome, but this is still acceptable for a low-price model like this.

HP Deskjet 2130 Pros and Cons

Well, we have to be fair to not compare Deskjet 2130 to the other MFPs with more sophisticated features. This model is suitable for family use, not the medium to heavy-duty tasks. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Low price
  • Compact design
  • Good print speed
  • Fairly good print quality


  • Does not offer today’s sophisticated features
  • No wireless capability
  • Small capacity of the paper tray

Well, HP Deskjet 2130 may not offer you much as an all-in-one printer especially when compared to other models. However, this should be the one you need when you just want an occasional use of printer at home for relatively light-duty tasks. and when your need does not require sophisticated features.

For more reviews on the best all-in-one printer, we invite you to keep visiting our website and exploring our pages before making any decision to purchase the one you want. Thank you for the visit and keep in touch.