HP Laserjet Pro M501n Review, A Good Choice For Small Office

HP Laserjet Pro M501n

Laser printer still a perfect choice for small offices use. This kind of printer offers high-speed printing with a good quality result. Although laserjet printer like HP Laserjet Pro M501n only prints a black and white document, this printer is worth to try too. Here are some plus and minus you can get from this product.

HP Laserjet Pro M501n Pros

Looking for a new printer means that the user must know what plus they can get if choose the printer. To make your search easier, here are 4 plus of HP Laserjet Pro M501n.

  1. Load Fast From Sleep Mode

It can print while sleeping. Laserjet printer usually has a sleeping mode like a computer. This printer provides a fast response through their sleeping mode.

The user can print a paper within 7,3 seconds. So 7.3 seconds after you clicked the print button, the first paper will appear and ready to collect. Then the next page will come in approximately 5 seconds.

In normal mode, HP claimed that this printer can produce a paper in 4.5 seconds. This is fast, so the user doesn’t need to wait longer.

  1. High-Speed Wireless Connectivity

The second things that good in this HP Laserjet Pro M501n is the wireless connectivity. It can provide a high speed of the connection.

HP does not mention how many users can use this printer at once. But from the total amount of maximum duty, it can afford more than 10 users who use a wireless connection.

  1. High Capacity Toner

The toner used in this printer can print up to 6000 pages of black and white text document. If users run out of toner, they can buy it again from the HP store.

HP Laserjet Pro M501n Ink Toner

  1. Hold More Papers

The paper trays offer a high amount of paper to hold. HP Laserjet Pro M501n’s size is big and has a big tray at the bottom. It can hold until 1200 pieces of paper.

This feature makes the user easier if need to print a lot of documents. They don’t need to reinput paper frequently.

HP Laserjet Pro M501n Cons

Move to the minus of this product. Here are 2 things that may disturb the user.

  1. Manual Duplex Printing

This printer does not support automatic duplex printing. So the user must flip the paper manually. It really disturbing because sometimes the user needs to print a lot of duplex document. Or some two-sided document that needs to use in a hurry.

  1. Not Support Borderless Printing

This printer’s most narrow border is 5 mm. So if you want to print a large picture, for example, an A3+ document. You must print it in 2 A4 paper size. And then, cut the edge to clear the white border.

Based on the plus and minus, this printer is good enough to buy. If you need a durable and flexible printer to use, HP Laserjet Pro M501n may OK.

This printer has good printing speed and quality. With the large toner capacity, printing cost is also cheap. It’s reasonable for office use. But unfortunately, there is no automatic duplex and borderless printing. So you must do more effort to back up this minus.