Instagram Caption Ideas For Influencer

Instagram Caption Ideas

You want to be an influencer, or you’re one but wish for more followers. Then not only look out what you post but also write a good caption to accompany it. There are pointers on how to write good Instagram captions to help you be an influencer

Instagram Caption Ideas For Influencer

For that, here below are some ideas what to put in the caption section on each Instagram post:

  • Utilize Emoji to Deliver Your Words

One way to make your caption more interesting aside from the content you write is by adorning it with emoji. Using emoji is like putting some expression, so the ones who read it can feel what exactly you want them to feel. Not only that, but you also can use emoji to deliver words without writing it. For example, you want to express that the weather is lovely and you’re having a good time. Then you can write ‘lovely weather~ ©’ in your caption section.

  • Shout-out with @mention


It’s common for an influencer to get featured with other Instagram users or you got some endorsing project to promote a product. If that’s the case, then you would have to mention the other Instagram users in your caption. It’s a win-win situation because the one you mentioned would feel a moral duty to give your post some response.  And a wider-range of people will also notice it, especially the followers of the person you mentioned.

  • Hashtags are Tails

The hashtag is another great thing about Instagram that influencers should know how to optimize it. But, you have to remember not to flood your caption section with the hashtags, because too many hashtags can confuse people. Only put one or two important hashtags upfront, while the rest should be at below by giving spaces with lines. And also, there’s a cheating way to put hashtag by putting it in the comment section.

  • Simplicity is the Best

Always remember to go simple and not be overboard with your caption. Even if Instagram offers 2200 characters length but you don’t have to all this capacity diligently. You have to try to put yourself in other people shoes, do you enjoy reading an essay in the caption section or not. Most people wouldn’t care with an essay caption and skip it off if it isn’t a news related post. Thus too long caption can drive people away from your post.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Correct Your Mistake

You have to be honest yourself and write your caption accordingly. But even the true-spoken-people may do wrong, and you’re not an exception. That’s why you have to edit your caption right away if in the later day you find it was wrong. Just the old saying said that only the strongest people who brave enough to admit their mistake. And to become an influencer, you have to be one, as people wouldn’t always like you.

Become an influencer is not always about a good look or have a pair of hands that know how to hold a camera. It comes with responsibility, and one way to show it is by writing good Instagram captions. And since ideas don’t always ready-given, you can use the list above as pointers to get some good captions.